We created this service for clients in need of excellent hair to raise production value of any project. The concept was designed with flexibility and cost effectiveness in mind. Our units are recommended for Film and TV Productions, Photo Shoots, Family Photos, and Theater productions. Our products allow for utmost versatility and quality for any and all productions needs involving hair beautification. We have 16 units to choose from,  including colored and non-colored, lengths from very long to short, and they made to fit virtually any head perfectly.


Client agrees to pay mandatory $90 refundable deposit fee to book rental.  This deposit will be returned pending:

  • Inspection for damage ( to assure unit is is same condition as originally given)

  • Timely Use.( Meaning shoot ends on or before scheduled time.)

 Damages to any unit will be assessed at  a rate of $90 and therefore full deposit will be forfeited. The deposit may also be at least partially forfeited if you happen to use it for additional unscheduled hours or in the case that it is not returned by agreed upon time. This would occur at rate of $25/hr for overages.  All additional funds due upon arrival to set or before. Not after shoot except overages.


Someone recently bought a

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