The Birth of VIK Units

I’ve heard this all too many times, you’re super curious on how a Wig can be made to not look wig-ish. Lol , have you dreamed of not damaging your natural hair, but still be able to achieve any color underneath the rainbow? Do you have a theater role and are in need of renting a top quality wig to impress your audience? Looking for a different protective style where you’ll be able to use hot tools without burning the synthetics fibers you invested in? Here @Versatilityiskey I’ll be able to help you with these issues I’ve heard before and then some. 

I CEO Jaquel of Versatilityiskey has had these same exact issues, while still being a student in cosmetology school. I would always see my classmates with the best of the best hair pieces, but didn’t know the correct way to go about inquiring on how to level up my hair game. It can be super intimidating approaching a very well put together individual if you have no idea about what you’re truly in need of. Even though you know you’ll need the best of the best. I quickly knew I had to think of a master plan for my future hair looks. 

In all honesty the best way to find amazing inspirational wig looks is as simple as looking at some of your fav celebrities. Their always serving the newest hottest hair trends. Being classmates with some of the girls in my cosmetology school of course would be a easy way to find out information. However my vision became larger. My inspiration became bigger, which meant I needed to be guided by leaders who’s done this before my classmates. Which opened my eyes to look back in time to some of the greats who’s done what I’m doing today. 

It’s now been 8years since I first laid eyes on what now is my legit business; And I’ve been super blessed to be able to practice my skill set in customizing units from scratch;  and build my business from the ground up by myself. Women from all walks of life thank me for not only my top quality units, but my amazing skill set to color, cut, and style based on your desired look. While designing my extension/unit line my vision continued growing and I thought to also include accessory pieces to compliment your new look. Since 2016 our extension line has been published in Barnes N Noble, Galore, Vh1, and hypemagazine.

Someone recently bought a

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