Versatilityiskey Wig Caps

Reasons Why You Should Invest into VersatilityisKey Wig Caps.


I hear this a lot, “How your wig stays in place all day?” and most of the times my answer is “It’s magic 😉”. Well to be honest, it’s really magical, isn’t it? Most of the wigs doesn’t stay in place all day and they need grooming, and so multiple hair pins. If your wig has great volume and you just attach it with your natural hair then you can feel your hair being pulled all day by the wig and it causes hair loss, breakage and headaches (Simply hate them!).

You see celebrities on red carpets enjoying their voluptuous locks and looking happy and fresh and you are like, “What’s the secret? Oh God, please tell me! I promise I’ll go to church daily.” Well, you don’t need to freak out anymore because we are going to tell you the biggest secret of hair industry, and it’s wearing wig caps underneath a secure wigs. 

Advantages of wearing a wig cap

A lot of people will tell you that they just wear their wigs without a wig cap. It’s a no for me and I’ll tell you why you should always wear a wig cap underneath your wig. 

A wig cap helps the wig to stay in place all day. If a wig is placed straight onto a bare scalp, then it can slip throughout the day, and you have to go to a washroom to check your wig or fix it. (Horrible right?). On contrary to this, A wig cap provides a layer of friction against the wig ,and that is how our synthetic hair stays in place and you are happy throughout the day, and hence it boosts up your confidence level. You will look very much contented with your hair as you can touch them again and again without thinking that you will displace the wig or thinking that you are even wearing a wig. 

A wig cap also produces a lovely natural look as it allows a wig to sit much better on the head by keeping it in place and smooths out any unwanted bumps caused by natural hair underneath a wig. If you suffer from great hair loss or have alopecia, then wig caps are life savers for you because they act as a protective barrier to your sensitive scalp. A scalp that becomes irritated and red from wearing a wig worn directly can be saved with the help of a wig cap.  

It also protects your natural hair and will save them from breakage and hair loss as wigs can be heavy and they affect your natural hair badly. The best part is that it also saves you from headache and migraines and you can enjoy your wig all day. 

The color of the wig cap should also match with the color of your scalp. If the color of the lace is lighter or darker than your actual scalp color,  it’ll look super discolored on your scalp, especially if you want a more realistic part when styling your wig. 

 VersatilityisKey provides our own line of wig caps, and you will be amazed to know that they provide all the function in just $1.99. (Yes, I am not lying. Click the link below if you don’t believe me.) The caps are one size fit all and you can reuse them over 20 times, and they won’t rip or tear off. They are available in two colors, brown, and beige. One pack will have two wig caps that can last you over a month, but the condition is you should properly take care of it. We also sell our wig caps in bulk too, please inquire below.




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