Versatilityiskey Silk Edge Wrap

Versatilityiskey New 100% Silk Edge Scarf and Why You Should Own It

We are back again with exciting news that we want to share with all the queens of VersatilityisKey, and that is we are launching our new silk edge scarf. Our silk edge scarf is all you need for day and night as it provides both function and fashion. You can wear it like a headband, and it will surely make you look unique, and gorgeous. The pink color is for queens out there who loves to show their feminine power, and love to style their hair without compromising the health of hair. We are very excited about this product, we want all our queens to own it because we care about your hair, and style. 

 The silk edge scarf is made of 100% charmeuse silk, and mulberry silk (not silky satin). It feels so smooth against skin, and you can wear it all day or all night. The silk edge laying scarf is made to protect your hair, save you from split ends, and rough edges. If your baby hair gets frizzy and dry, then you should also buy it as your life will be changed forever. It will also protect your edges from breakage, and thinning. You simply place it around your forehead, tie it at the back of your nape, apply a little pressure, and tie it into a knot. For our pixie cut queens this will be your go to product for continuous flat hair, laid edges, it can be styled with it, and they look drop dead gorgeous. You can also use this silk lay edge scarf as a headband, and your looks will be instantly changed in a minute. If you don’t like baby hairs on your forehead, and you also don’t want to remove them then you can wear this edge scarf. No one can even tell that you have baby hair due to the scarf blending your shorter pieces of hair with the rest of your hair. You can also use this silk edge to make different hairstyles like braids, and ponytails. One more benefit of this silk edge is that it can be placed at forehead while wearing wigs, and extensions, and when it’s time to reveal the outcome of the silk edge placement no one will be able to tell that you were wearing them, your hairline will be perfectly molded, blended, and smooth. 

 Its width is around 3 inches whereas its length is 48 inches, and it's perfect as you can wear it however you like. The best part is that you can use this as a second option for sleepwear if our silk bonnet isn’t doing your hairline justice. After carefully listening to some women's concerns were on wearing our silk bonnet, we heard back that sometimes it slips off of their heads through the night, and their in need of a better grip around their hairline. We’ve worked on technique our Queens may think brings more value to boh products at the same time. Try wrapping the silk edge scarf around your forehead and tie it at the back, then take our silk bonnet and wear it on top to cover the rest of your tresses. We promise you that your silk bonnet/ silk edge wrap won’t slip all night. It’ll help to hold your hairstyle moreover, they’ll be no complaints of untamed edges anymore. 

This silk edge lay scarf is manufactured in the USA and the quality was kept in mind, so you don’t have to wear silky satin which causes friction between the cloth and the hair and will cause split ends. It is available in one size as it will fit everyone, and it can be easily tied at the back. It promotes and maintain healthy hair. The material used to make is cool and breathable and it can be hand-washed. So, buy this silk lay edge scarf and save your hairline Queens! 



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